A continuously updated Training and Skills Development map of the emerging needs in view of the future roadmap and initiatives is maintained by CaSToRC. Training and skills development will target personnel of the National Competence Center and user communities.

  • Personnel of the National Competence Center: an integral component of the National Competence Center is a training plan to ensure that its staff acquires new knowledge and skills, adapts to change and performs optimally their duties. Visits and staff exchanges with other National Competence Center will be planned according to the competencies that need to be developed. Technical personnel of the Competence Center will participate in train the trainers programs so that they can provide effective user support. Coordination with other National Competence Center will be sought for code- development when local expertise is not sufficient. Staff of the high-level support team will also be trained to effectively provide user support, according to the needs of local users. Through training personnel of the Competence Center, CaSToRC will be better able to support user communities of Cyprus and the Eastern Mediterranean region.
  • User communities: The technical and high-level support personnel of the National Competence Center will engage with users and plan regular training events targeting their needs. These events will be open to users from the Eastern Mediterranean region.