CY-Maths-In is a newly established national network of academics whose research lies in the broad field of mathematical sciences and are interested in collaborative projects with industry. We will soon be applying for official membership to EU-MATHS-IN, which is very supportive of our candidacy as a national network. At a national level, we will start by organising some inaugural meetings with distinguished guest speakers and then continue with sandpits with industrial and governmental stakeholders and study groups.

Our umbrella European network is the very successful EU-MATHS-IN.

EU-MATHS-IN aims to leverage the impact of mathematics on innovations in key technologies by enhanced communication and information exchange between and among the involved stakeholders on a European level. EU-MATHS-IN shall become a dedicated one-stop shop to coordinate and facilitate the required exchanges in the field of application-driven mathematical research and its exploitation for innovations in industry, science and society. You can find more information at: and see some success stories in