Doctor of Philosophy in Computational Sciences

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The program will educate students and carry out significant research in Computational Science with specialization in important fields that require High Performance Computing such as Climate Modelling, Computational Physics, Machine Learning, Scientific Computing, Computational Chemistry, 3D Visualization and Computational Biology. More precisely, the program educates future researchers in mathematical modelling and computational methods and techniques needed to solve complex scientific and engineering problems, as well as in management and visualization of complex data sets.

The program provides the necessary educational setting where excellence in education and research are fostered through interdisciplinary collaboration on regional problems of global significance. Each course is worth 10 ECTS-credits. To satisfy the requirements of the PhD program, a student requires a total of 180 ECTS-credits, of which 50 ECTS-credits are from courses.

Program Courses

CodeNameMandatory / Elective
CoS 501 Frontiers in High-Performance Computing & Scientific Visualization M
CoS 502 Frontiers in Numerical Methods M
CoS 504 Computational Physics E
CoS 508 Atomic Scale Simulations E
CoS 510 Data Structures E
CoS 516 Computer Graphics and Data Exploration E
CoS 518 Computational and Integrative Systems Biology E
CoS 520 Climate Modeling E
CoS 521 Lattice Quantum Chromodynamics E
CoS 522 Numerical Techniques for Research in Turbulence and Complex Flows E

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