Ongoing projects with industry, government and academia

This is a list of industrial partners and governmental organisations we currently work together on projects involving High Performance Computing (HPC) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

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Hyperion has more than 25 years of experience bringing ongoing value to global, regional and local operating companies in the Process Industries. They are leading providers of consulting and engineering advisory services, specialized technology and implementation of advanced process systems solutions in the hydrocarbons, chemicals and power generation industries.

Computational scientists at CaSToRC are creating AI algorithms with Hyperion that use vast amounts of production plant measurement data to develop models to predict critical quality parameters of the processed material based on real-time conditions. The models will be embedded in Hyperion’s solutions and serve as virtual instrumentation that will infer measurements that can be used to help isolate low quality material more efficiently and dramatically reduce the waste and thus the costs for the company.


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AXIA CHARTERED SURVEYORS™ is a property consultancy specialising in property valuations.

In a collaboration involving AXIA, the Department of Lands and Surveys (DLS) and CaSToRC we develop large-scale Machine Learning algorithms for automated, mass real-estate appraisals in Cyprus. This will help bring more transparency to the market as valuations will be readily available to the general public, professional valuers and financial and banking institutions for control purposes.

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RetailZoom is a data analytics company operating in Europe, the Middle East, Iran and Africa, aiming at providing analytical insights and custom software solutions to medium and large businesses and organizations, with services revolving around statistical analysis and data automation.

RetailZoom has supported the NCC in creating a Hackathon challenge at the 1st Cyprus HPC Industry Week. We are  expanding the collaboration to support RetailZoom to gain deeper insights of the market using HPC and AI.

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The Central Bank of Cyprus (CBC) was established in 1963 with the primary objective to ensure price stability.

NCC scientists are supporting the CBC in a number of projects that involve the usage of HPC and Artificial Intelligence for analysis of Big Data and help CBC get deeper insights from the available data.


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O.M. Offshore Monitoring is an SME specialising in technical and financial management and coordination of research and development activities with the mission to ‘make a market’ and transfer non-maritime emerging technologies to the maritime sector. They facilitate the development of monitoring systems and sensor solutions for maritime sector using innovative approaches and unconventional techniques.

In collaboration with O.M. Offshore Monitoring, the computational scientists at the NCC are developing a software for the optimization of navigation in the maritime sector. The computational scientists at the NCC have exposed aspects of the software where parallelism can be incorporated and are working in the GPU implementation of the most time-consuming components.



Novo technologies represents and promotes international video security system manufacturers in Greece, Cyprus and the Balkans.

With Novo technologies, we are building pilot deep learning models for real-time human detection in videos for security applications.