The research group, led by Prof. Constantia Alexandrou, at the Computation-based Science and Technology Research Center (CaSToRC) of the Cyprus Institute has been developing scalable algorithms enabling large scale simulations using some of the world’s largest supercomputers.

The main contributors in recent developments of such algorithms are the researchers Dr. Jaocb Finkenrath and Dr. Simone Bacchio who have been funded by the Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe (PRACE) to develop codes open to the European user communities. These algorithms find applications in a wide range of applications from the simulation of subatomic particles to aerodynamics relevant for the Airbus industry as well as in the identification of hydrocarbons.

The scientific community in recognition of the important contributions of the group invited Dr. Jacob Finkenrath to deliver a plenary talk at the major yearly symposium of Lattice QCD that took place in Bonn 8-13 August 2022. Dr. Jacob Finkenrath was selected among many other researchers in the field because of his major contributions to the accelerating the conventional algorithms used but most importantly because of his new ideas using machine learning towards solving the critical slowing down of simulations, a major standing problem that prohibits simulations close to a phase transition.


Dr Jacob Finkenrath being introduced as a plenary speaker by Dr A. Kronfeld of FermiLab, US, the Chair of the Lattice 2023 conference.