A model for industrial usage is being developed to allow companies and start-ups to use computational resources either for research and development (R&D) or for proprietary projects on a pay as you compute basis, as well as other special access models for businesses such as annual subscription fees and confidential access. SimEA will strengthen the cooperation of CaSToRC with industrial partners, by driving innovation in engineering applications, assisting also other researchers to better exploit their research outcomes, and make the best utilization of the center’s infrastructure and expertise to scale up to large supercomputing systems. Industrial access models will be developed, evaluated, and subsequently adopted for access to the production systems of CaSToRC.

How CaSToRC aims to help industry can be seen in the following diagram.


Industry weeks

A yearly industry week, during which graduate students and researchers from CaSToRC will carry out an applied research project defined with an industrial partner or participant. This intensive, week-long co-development program with industrial partners will prepare students for job placement.

Co-supervision with industry

Co-supervision program for Ph.D. students with industry and governmental units is being developed. The expectation is that this program will implement co-development projects and support future graduate students.

National role

Collaboration with engineering departments at local universities and the introduction of advanced computation and data science to engineering applications in academia and industry will provide advanced computing infrastructure and knowhow.


Computational engineering is an essential component in research that can benefit not only the academic and industrial world but also be the bridge that will cover the gap and bring collaborations that can move science and society many steps forward. The SimEA project aims to promote research that is compatible with the Smart Specialization Strategy of Cyprus (S3Cy) as well as with the current trends in research and compatible with the industry needs in Cyprus.

The SimEA ERA-chair is selected under the criteria that will bring the necessary know-how and leadership to add the missing component of computational engineering in CaSToRC and to utilize and upgrade the existing infrastructure to tackle modern research problems by employing both human and technological means to create a sustainable project that will surpass its current lifespan and to establish itself as a valuable asset to the Cypriot society and academia.

The SimEA project aims to satisfy this need also present in Cypriot society as it is a branch that is relatively newly introduced and is a component that will propel CaSToRC to become a big player in Cyprus as well as the Eastern Meditteranean region where this demand for advanced computational engineering applications is growing by the day. To this end an ERA-chair is selected to create a capable and well-oiled team to tackle modern engineering computational problems and create a sustainable program that will also develop better and more versatile scientists through their training in the MSc and PhD programs offered at The Cyprus Institute.