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The Institute's Mission

The overall vision of CREF and of CyI is to help fostering the development of a knowledge-based economy in Cyprus through cutting edge scientific research and education, that has regional relevance as well as international significance. Recognizing the unique geopolitical location of Cyprus, being the southern and eastern most state of the European Union, CyI is being developed as a gateway to research and technology. In this role, CyI aspires to advance peace and prosperity for Cyprus and the region.

Supporting this vision, the Institute’s mission is to:

  • Develop novel integrated approaches in research and establish research programs in fields relevant to Cyprus and the Eastern Mediterranean and complementary to those of  established academic institutions in the region.
  • Differentiate itself through the unique juxtaposition of highly competitive academic research and advanced technologies and by leveraging partnerships with leading scientific organizations across the world.
  • Provide research and technology resources that will contribute to the needs of the Cyprus Government as well as local and regional industry and businesses.
  • Develop and offer high quality post-graduate programs and produce leading scientists who can make a tangible contribution to society in their areas of expertise.
  • Act as a scientific hub for the region, providing high quality expertise and research infrastructure to academic as well as business organizations.

The Institute’s spectrum of activities is primarily carried out through its three research centers. As a result of the signifcant growth in research activities and their successful application, these centers are increasingly seen as a scientific resource for the Eastern Mediterranean, the Middle East and North Africa.

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