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About the Institute

The Institute operates under the aegis of the Cyprus Research and Educational Foundation (CREF), which is governed by a Board of Trustees, comprised of leading personalities of the international academic, political and business world.

The creation of The Cyprus Institute (CyI), a novel, internationally recognized research institution, is the tangible manifestation of the Cyprus Research and Educational Foundation’s vision to help transform Cyprus into a knowledge-based economy, and in doing so to advance the welfare of the island and the region. Today, the Institute is a world-class research and technology institution, carrying out pioneering research programs involving cutting-edge high throughput technologies, in order to address problems of regional as well as international significance. At the same time, it provides training for future researchers and scholars through its high quality doctoral programs.

The CyI comprises three specialized multidisciplinary research centers, developed in partnership with leading international institutions in their respective thematic areas.

partnered with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

partnered with the Centre de recherche et de restauration des musées de France (C2RMF)

partnered with the University of Illinois.

Multi-level founding partnerships with internationally prominent institutions ensure the development of the Centers in close collaboration with world leaders in their respective fields. Additional collaborations with other research and academic institutions together with local authorities further enhance the development.

Having launched its first research center in late 2007, with only a few years in operation, CyI has demonstrated its keen ability to successfully conduct scientific research and to attract scientists of international repute. It is now pursuing a large number of research projects, many of them funded by the European Commission, including an ERC Advanced Grant.

A Graduate School acts as the Institute’s Education arm, which trains researchers for senior posts in academia as well as industry and government bodies. It offers high quality doctoral programs grounded in the research environment of the respective research centers.

The Cyprus Institute Logo Origin

One of Caesar's rewards to Cleopatra was the restoration of her kingdom to the island of Cyprus, which had been detached by Rome. As a parting gift from Ceasar, a bronze coin of Cleopatra with her infant son, Caesarion was minted in Cyprus, in 47 BC.

On the front of the coin is an idealized portrait of Cleopatra as Aphrodite, the goddess of love, with her son by Caesar, Caesarion, as Eros in front of her. On the reverse are two cornucopiae and a Greek legend which translates: "Of Queen Cleopatra". In addition a stylized Kypr is present to indicate the origin of the coin.

The monogram of The Cyprus Institute is based on the stylized Kypr, updating it and adding the letter 'I' to represent the word 'Institute'. The logo of compise of the monogram, the name of the Institute and its mission though its three major outputs Research, Technology and Innovation.

CleopatraCoin1        coin front        cyi logo

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